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A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce. You don’t need to become famous. If you can get just 1,000 people to spend $100 dollars a year, you can earn a very reasonable living.

Free Tools or Free To Start Online Marketing Tools

FREE OR FREE TO START ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS Alexa Tool (Website Ranking) – (URL Shortener) – Blogger (Blog Publishing) – Canva (Simple Graphic Design Software) – Digg (Social News Aggregator) – Dropbox (Online Storage) – Eventbrite (Online Ticketing) – Facebook Page (Steps to Create) –  Facebook Live (Live Webinars) – Flickr (Photo Sharing) – Gmass (Gmail Marketing Automation and Mail Merge) – Google Calendar (Scheduling) – […]

Digital IMPACT Festival Interview With James Cohen

Discover the Pandemic Pivot Story of IMPACT Festival.  The pandemic has disrupted billions of people. While many businesses and non-profits are struggling with decreased sales and interactions, a number of businesses are adapting to the “new normal” of marketing during the COVID era. The Art Party and YVR Startups have partnered up to present […]

How Creators Can Make Money Online With 1,000 True Fans

How Creators Can Make Money Online With 1,000 True Fans What Is 1000 True Fans? In 2008, Kevin Kelly, Wired editor wrote an essay called “1,000 True Fans,” predicting the internet would allow large groups of people to make a living off their creations, whether you’re an artist, musician, author, or entrepreneur: “A True Fan […]

6 Ideas for Viral Marketing to Get More Fans

6 Ideas for Viral Marketing to Get More Fans How To Get Started With Your Viral Marketing Campaign to Get More Fans Whether you’re a DJ, musician, performer or visual artist, you need to get more fans to support your talent. 6 ideas for viral marketing to get more fans: 1. Purchase the branding rights […]

3 Steps to Define Your Ideal Fans – How To Identify Cultural Creatives

3 STEPS TO DEFINE YOUR IDEAL FANS How to Define Your Ideal Fan AKA Customer Avatar Defining your ideal fan is important for creatives and changemakers. Once you know who your ideal fans are, you can effectively reach them. To market to your customer avatar, you must empathize with them by identifying with their situation […]