The Art Party has partnerships with non-profits representing artists (DJs, VJs, performers and painters) and workshop providers. Our promotional  partners include USER Media, Many Mangoes, NexTech AR, Internet Exposure and the Jared Drew Show for livestreaming to promote music artists.

The global music industry: has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance revenue the biggest casualty. A six-month shutdown is estimated to cost the industry more than $10 billion in sponsorships. Live streaming is becoming the new norm as restrictions continue after 18 months and beyond as live events continue to be canceled. 

We use various live streaming platforms: Twitch, Amazon live, Facebook live, Youtube streaming, and NexTech AR for the augmented reality of human holograms. 

The Art Party has co-produced and co-promoted over 30 live workshops, talks, networking events and group exhibitions with our Facebook Page since 2013. The Art Party is a social networking community that focuses on creatives and changemakers. Arts and cultural news / events / workshops / Meetups are welcomed as long as they meet Facebook community standards. The Art Party has also shared and promoted over 400 live local art and music events to help build our community.

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Non-profit Partners

IMPACT Festival was created by Dusk2Dawn Productions and Party Well in 2019 with the goal to create a unique festival experience focused on giving back. In 2019 we raised $40,000 for good causes. In July 2020, IMPACT Festival had over 250,000 attendees and over $23,000 raised for good causes. It showcased +100 artists globally with music live streaming. 

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Vancouver Soul Tribe is an artists collective to link artists and creators in the lower mainland under one common banner. As a collective of artists, we are stronger when we band together. As a collective, we provide membership cards to members which in turn can be used to for discounts and deals at sponsor locations. We currently have 3 sponsors in Vancouver, JQ Clothing on Commercial Drive, Blim Clothing on E Pender, and Vancity’s Finest Dispensaries. We had 500-600 card carrying members since our inception in late 2019.

We have over a dozen resident artists, including some of Vancouver’s most talented producers, musicians and visual artists, with the door open for more. In 2021, we will be launching new member cards, a Soul Tribe App, online art showcases and live stream musical performances.

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We need your support to keep HelperOS running free for all.

HelperOS allows helpers to connect with people needing help locally.

As the world prevents the hospitals from overcrowding, we have displaced hard-working individuals & families who are now in danger of starvation.

HelperOS helps people to get groceries and comfort faster than anything available to date by matching help with helpers. Visit HelperOS.

Promotional Partners

Collaborative business initiative to showcase local music artists on Twitch, augmented reality (AR), other live streaming platforms, as well as the distribution of music and the monetization of original content. The collaborating partners are:    

The Art Party has a Google Ads Grant of $10,000 per month, an audience of +10,000 Facebook contacts, and +1000 Mailchimp contacts. The Art Party has also shared and promoted over 400 live local art and music events to help build our community. 

USER (Allan Stewart) is a singer-songwriter in Vancouver since 1996. USER owns USER Media, a studio in East Vancouver with a fully-equipped studio that provides music production, music video creation, music publishing, and music live streaming. USER Media has live streaming and sound equipment, as well as musical instruments for virtual events. USER Media live streaming platforms include Twitch, Amazon live, Facebook live, Youtube streaming, and NexTech AR for the augmented reality of human holograms. USER Media 

Nextech AR Solutions develops and operates augmented reality (“AR”) platforms that transport three-dimensional (“3D”) product visualizations, human holograms and 360° portals to its audiences altering e-commerce, digital advertising, hybrid virtual events (events held in a digital format blended with in-person). NexTech AR 

Many Mangoes is a non-profit software agency that provides lead generation and business development on LinkedIn, email marketing, and events. It is bridging the gap between the sales team and the marketing team to guarantee a holistic nurturing approach. ManyMangoes has collaborations with the United Nations, World Bank, World Vision, Les Brown, and many other entities actively making the world a better place. Many Mangoes   

Internet Exposure is an agency and Premier Google Partner, with talented PPC management experts who can help you get the most out of ad campaigns. The agency supported Digital IMPACT Festival 2020. Internet Exposure 

Jared Drew Williams of Jared Drew Show is a host and singer who introduces music artists with original content. Jared has conducted over 70 interviews with celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Rene Zellweger, Joel Edgerton, and Finn Whitrock at various film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Cannes Film Festival for Gays Around The World. Jared Drew Show