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Print-on-demand Merchandise for USER Media

The Art Party offers print-on-demand drop shipping merchandise for music artists with USER Media, who provides live streaming platforms Twitch, Amazon live, Facebook live, Youtube streaming, and NexTech AR for the augmented reality of human holograms.

Due to the pandemic, local businesses, makers, creators, and causes have made the shift online. To continue to survive economically, creatives must leverage e-commerce. Our project is to invite local musicians to collaborate on music livestream fundraisers.

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We need your support to keep HelperOS running free for all—whether you’re a donor or helper.

HelperOS allows helpers to connect with people needing help locally. As the world prevents the hospitals from overcrowding, we have displaced hard-working individuals & families who are now in danger of starvation.

HelperOS helps people to get groceries and comfort faster than anything available to date by matching help with helpers. 

Visit HelperOS Page To Learn More. 

USER Media

U$3R Bucket Hat


USER Media

U$3R Cuffed Toque


USER Media

U$3R Snapback Hat


USER Media



USER Media

USER zip hoodie