The Art Party Gallery ― Vancouver Art & Vancouver Artists

The Art Party Gallery ― Vancouver Art & Vancouver Artists

The Art Party non-profit has co-produced and co-promoted over 30 live workshops, talks, networking events in Vancouver since 2013. Our impact coaches, consultants and speakers cover a range of topics for creatives and changemakers. We also promoted several group exhibitions and art fundraisers with our newsletter.

  • We volunteered for Digital IMPACT Festival in July 2020, with a reach of 1.7 million and over $23,000 raised for good causes. Our speakers included Earth Charter® representatives. Fundraising included Artist Relief Impact Fund to support artists who perform at Impact Festival and its associated streams. 100% of this fund will be given to participating artists, divided fairly by the fraction of viewers of each artist’s stream. IMPACT Festival is also supplementing through grand stand sponsorship. ❤️ IMPACT Festival offers consistent streaming for recurring revenue sources for artists to make money online.
  • The Art Party volunteered for IMPACT Festival for joint charity festival events: July 16 to 20, 2020. These events were live stream to 3D Virtual World with over 10 million active users and Zoom, a video and web conferencing platform. The Art Party has grown an audience of +10,000 social media contacts with +1000 Mailchimp contacts for workshops and events. The Art Party volunteered with IMPACT Festival for online events with DJs and live paintings, along with break-out rooms for live workshops using Zoom.

  • We co-produced Coinfest 2014 ― crypto event at an 8,000 sq. ft. media hall with digital presentations and livestreaming into a 3D Virtual World.
  • Working with The Tribe incubator, we created our sold-out 2017 Crowdfunding Success Workshop to help 270 creatives & changemakers get their projects funded.

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  • Discover over 400 live local art and music events since 2010 to help build community.
  • Share your talent and events there to make money online.
  • Access our workshops below to turn your creativity into a business!

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