Bring Back BC Bands at Burnout Cafe Jan 14, 2023

Bring Back BC Bands at Burnout Cafe

Bitcoin Busking Supports Local BC Bands at Burnout Cafe

VANCOUVER, BC, January 14, 2023 – Bring Back BC Bands at Burnout Cafe at 2032 E. Hastings Street is a live music and art show with NFT art projections and a Bitcoin wallet demo on Saturday night (7 pm to 11 pm). The audience will be asked to donate cash or Bitcoin to help support local musicians and artists busking on a large stage with NFT art projections on a big screen.

Local musicians and artists have not been able to perform and exhibit at live events much since health restrictions began in March 2020. Numerous venues in East Van are no longer in business or booking live music and art events. This has impacted local musicians and artists from making an income with their talent.

The global music industry was hit hard by COVID-19 with live performance revenue the biggest casualty. Now, artists are going direct to fans from their own studios with live streaming or producing their own live shows, such as at the Burnout Cafe from The Narrow Group – the same folks behind Key Party, Mitra Canteen, Uncle Abe’s, Slim’s BBQ, and City Centre Artist Lodge – hotel rooms converted into 79 artist studios.

BC has the highest number of artists in Canada, and Vancouver has the highest concentration of artists per capita among Canada’s major cities with 65% reporting a total income under $40K annually and living below the poverty line even before COVID-19.

About USER® & The Art Party

Burnout Cafe is a new establishment in East Van that still supports creatives. Opening the live music show is Allan Stewart aka USER®, a trade-marked sound creator from Vancouver, BC who has been releasing albums independently since the 90s. He is also producing NFT music, along with tiny concerts. His latest album is “Above the Hills Beyond Our Horizon” with songs turned into NFTs with collaborating visual artists. He is the singer-songwriter for the “Army of Peace”, a world-beat band with a timely message, “We make music, not war”!

USER® is a member of The Art Party, a non-profit artist collective that provides services to build and connect our communities with social networking, as well as promotions for arts and cultural events and skills training. The vision is to build and connect a community of creatives and changemakers who endorse Earth Charter® principles for a just, sustainable and peaceful planet. The Art Party has been producing live events since 2012.

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