Digital IMPACT Festival Pandemic Pivot Story 2021

Discover the Pandemic Pivot Story of IMPACT Festival

With Speaker James Cohen of IMPACT Festival

The pandemic has disrupted billions of people. While many businesses and non-profits are struggling with decreased sales and interactions, a number of businesses are adapting to the “new normal” of marketing during the COVID era. The Art Party and YVR Startups have partnered up to present to you local leaders who have overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. This month we will be featuring James Cohen of IMPACT Festival on how the festival organizers and over 100 volunteers turned a “ban for large gatherings” into a successful digital livestream festival that reached millions and raised over $23,000 for good causes. ❤

The Art Party provides promotional support, including a newsletter promotions for this live interview.

? What Is IMPACT Festival?
IMPACT Festival raised over $100,000 for good causes in one year. And in response to COVID-19 bans of large gatherings, we co-produced virtual festivals to unite the world to maximize our collective impact. We achieved this by promoting song writers, musicians, artists and DJs! Alongside these creatives on Twitch TV and our 3D Virtual World of 10 million active users, IMPACT Festival hosted Zoom workshops, such as yoga, Kirtan, healing, live art demos, vegan food and more!

? What Is The Art Party?
The Art Party is a social networking community with a focus on creatives and changemakers. We have a track record of audience, volunteers and partnerships development since 2010. The Art Party volunteered with IMPACT Festival to combine audiences for an even bigger impact. We just reached over 1.7 million people around the world from 58 countries on every continent, except Antarctica – in our July 2020 digital IMPACT Festival! Our total reach for impactors is now 3.5 million people!

? What Is YVR Startups?
YVR Startups is a tech community dedicated to helping professionals discover Vancouver’s vibrant tech community. Vancouver is regarded by many in the tech world as “Silicon Valley North” with a good startup environment in part to startup friendly government policies, an abundance of talents, easy capital and available startup resources.

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