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Music Live Streaming

East Van Music Live Streaming with USER Media

The Art Party is partnering with USER Media, who provides live streaming for tiny concerts. Platforms include Twitch, Amazon live, Facebook Live, and Youtube streaming. Partial proceeds will provide support to non-profits to continue their help in our communities.

Our project is to invite local visual and music artists to collaborate with USER Media, which provides live streaming platforms Twitch, Amazon live, Facebook live, and Youtube streaming. The links to the Twitch.TV videos will also be promoted on Facebook, including a link on The Art Party Facebook Group with +2700 members in Vancouver to provide promotions for local musicians, artists, and DJs.

USER Media sound production studio is based in East Vancouver for music live streaming.


Why Promotions for Local Music Artists?

British Columbia has the highest number of artists in Canada, and Vancouver has the highest concentration of artists per capita among Canada’s major cities. There’s a need for artists to make money online as 65% (approx. 3,000 in Vancouver report a total income under $40K annually and are living below the poverty line:

USER Media First Live Streaming with DJ Sirena and Live Music Jams

We hosted a private VIP Party With Sirena Starbrite. Sirena is a DJ, promoter, multi-platform artist, and dance-floor enthusiast based out of Vancouver, BC:

This was a live DJ and music jam with Army of Peace to test out the live streaming equipment we won for The Art Party at USER Media!

Event will be livestream on Twitch with a link to The Art Party Ko-Fi for donations:

NFTs will also be promoted on The Art Party Facebook Group with +2700 members in Vancouver:

About USER’s Latest Albums 2020 to 2022

The 2020s Lockdown Fever

With lockdowns in the 2020s due to a COVID pandemic and being a night owl, USER continues to pen more tunes than ever, but the vaults are still full of unfinished works. The clock is always ticking and USER in lockdown fever came as a blessing as more unreleased music was released upon the world, including the “Fall of Rome”, “Rock Opus”,  “202Nine”, and the haunting classical remastered “Bulletproof”.  “202 Nine” was a tune I just never finished. Then the bass line came to me in a semi-conscious state and I had to finish it finally. “Bulletproof” is a 20-minute song of hidden tracks off of “Semi-mental Journey” I cut and remastered it to a 3-minute number and that gave the tune the light it needed.

In the Winter of 2021, the pastoral acoustic single  “Falling into the Lie” was released. This gem was already cut, and the tune only needed to be mastered. After a road trip to Seattle, I recorded this song after getting down with some Seattle record dudes there and I realized the music biz will always be as twisted as it always has been. 

In the spring of 2021, USER released “US3RS”, an album with a whooping 21 tunes of handpicked favorites from the ever-growing USER discography. Clocking in at over an hour, this smorgasbord packs in a lot of sounds and multi-genre tunes that best describe 25 years of making music. With DAW and mastering software improving, I took the time to remaster some previous tunes. Although time-consuming, it was worth the endeavor as I really improved my skill set and the sound of those mixes.

In Summer 2022, the rock ballad “Abigail Star” shoots to all corners of the world. Once again USER finishes a long-held recording that took 15 years to reach the public ear. The song is a fantasy-based recording that describes elements of a painting  I saw in the Smithsonian of a lover who gets buried in the ground after the patriarchal ancient overlord sets up a plan to get rid of the daughter’s lover. The daughter turns into a fiery supernova and seeks revenge on the entire solar system.

The Future For fall 2023 and beyond, “The Rise of the Technocrats” will be the next album for USER, compiled of previously unreleased and new material.   As with the entire global community, we have seen the further alienation of humanity into a touchless non-individualistic culture dropped into a hive-mind mentality. Expect a timeless collection of songs that hint at a glimpse of the unfolding Technocratic world through the musical mind and ears of USER.  

Live Streaming Tiny Studio Concerts Launch 2023

Our project includes local musicians and local artists collaborating on live music and digital art projections live streaming at an East Van studio for “Tiny Studio Concerts”. This studio has all the music, live streaming, and art projection equipment needed for a live tiny studio concert, including lighting, a sound system, recorders, projectors, laptops, software, a drum kit, congas, keyboards, a piano, guitars, a bass guitar, and more! Our concept is based on Tiny Desk Concerts, a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR Music at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen in Washington, D.C. As of October 2021, the series included more than 800 concerts viewed a collective 2 billion times on YouTube.

Local musicians and artists have not been able to perform and exhibit at live events much since the first COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020. Numerous venues in East Vancouver are no longer in business or no longer booking live music and art events. For example, Cafe Deux Soleil, Toby’s, Charlatans, Zawa’s, Libra Room, Press Box, and more. This has impacted the local musicians and local artists in East Vancouver from making an income with their talent.

Our intention is to invite local musicians and artists to access the studio for “Tiny Studio Concerts” of music live streaming and art projections for free as the weather cools in British Columbia. Two sessions will be recorded and shared across social media for promotions. We will be upgrading to a Zoom H6 portable recorder used or refurbished for the highest quality sound recordings which will be part of the video post-production.

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