Non-fungible Tokens for Good 2022

Non-fungible Tokens for Good

Speaker from IMPACT Festival at CoinFest Decentralized Festival

Jimi Cohen is the co-founder of We Make Impact and speaker at CoinFest 2021: We are bridging the gap between Donors and Donees by creating personalized video updates for the Donors and building Micro-Franchises for the Donees. Every month you donate to We Make Impact, an entire family gets clean drinking water for life and starts their very own business.

From CoinFest 2021: We are proudly grassroots and independent of any big corporate control and narrative. CoinFest events are made possible through the generous donations of HODLers like you. Admission to Coinfest is FREE to ensure $$ would never be a barrier for anyone to learn crypto. Please support Coinfest’s mission to provide education to everyone by donating below:


Casual Crypto is proud to be the media partner for the CoinFest2021 Online Conference.

Why digital art is the biggest use case for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

  • Event tickets: Event organizers sell NFTs, instead of tickets. The purchaser can resell them if they choose and organizers can be confident their NFT won’t be counterfeited.
  • Asset ownership documentation: Titles or certificates to digital art, homes, and vehicles can be tied to NFTs. This allows sales processes to be streamlined since title searches can be simplified.
  • Cybersecurity: Blockchain security is not 100% invulnerable to crypto-criminals, but anyone’s important assets locked within an NFT will provide them with a higher level of security.

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