The Art Party NFT MP4s Roadmap 2022

The Art Party NFT MP4s Roadmap

To Help Support Our Non-profits To Do Good

The Art Party began as a Facebook Group in 2010 to promote the Main Art Drift – local small businesses supporting local visual and music artists on Main Street, Vancouver. The Art Party provides services that build and connect our communities with social networking, as well as promotions for arts cultural events and skills training for Creatives & Changemakers. This empowers them to make a positive social impact. Our non-profit and volunteers have a history of fundraising:

The first generation original painting “Still Life” raised $1,500 for Shooting Star Foundation to benefit A Loving Spoonful, which provides free meals to people living with HIV/AIDS.

The second generation “Still Life” printed image helped to generate over $10,000 from the sales of HSBC cookbooks with staff recipes to benefit United Way food charities.

The third generation “Still Life” is an example of NFT MP4 to generate support for our non-profits to do good, from promotions for arts cultural events to skills training for social impact.

Our roadmap is to drop our first 10,000 NFTs: digital art with 50 original music mixes on NFT MP4s, limited edition of 200 each.

These are collaborations with visual and music artists in Vancouver, Canada.

NFT Project Timeline

Jan 2022: Start NFT artist collaborations

Feb 2022: Engage on Twitter and Discord

Mar 2022: Test drop NFTs on Opensea

April 2022: Co-host tiny concerts

May/June 2022: Join an inclusive DAO

Fall 2023: Launch NFTs on Momentable

NFT Art Utility 

Desktop images (2560 pixels each)

USER ultra HD master remixes

VIP invitations for NFT drops

VIP invitations to live stream music concerts

VIP invitations to live NFT events


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