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The Art Party Music NFTs Launching in 2024

The Art Party Music NFTs Launching in 2024 With the Army of Peace & Rise of the Technocrats Music NFTs Momentable uses AI technology to connect artists to suitable collectors. It’s a game-changer for art and music NFTs. Explore weekly wonders, immerse in rich experiences, and venture on an unforgettable artistic voyage. The Art Party […]

NFT Speakers, NFT Music, NFT Art 2022

NFT Lightning Talks & Free Pizzas Ethereum Vancouver What Are NFTs, How To Make NFTs, & Launch NFTs? NFTs can be GIFs, tweets, virtual cards, images of physical objects, video game skins, virtual real estate, avatars, songs, videos, and digital art. Each NFT is an authentication of the asset and ownership through a smart contract […]

Non-fungible Tokens for Good 2022

Non-fungible Tokens for Good Speaker from IMPACT Festival at CoinFest Decentralized Festival Jimi Cohen is the co-founder of We Make Impact and speaker at CoinFest 2021: We are bridging the gap between Donors and Donees by creating personalized video updates for the Donors and building Micro-Franchises for the Donees. Every month you donate to We Make […]