USER® Solo Guitarist Singer-Songwriter 2024

USER® Solo Acoustic Guitarist Singer-Songwriter

Live Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Original Music at Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, and Cafes

USER® is a sound creator from Vancouver, Canada releasing albums independently since the 90s and is a registered trademark since 1996. He produces NFT art and music, along with live streams.

USER was making waves in the Indie scene in the mid-90s when the Vancouver music scene was on fire with lots of bands and a smorgasbord of places to play like the “Town Pump”, “Starfish Room”, the “Mighty Niagara”, the “Brickyard”, the “Cobalt”, and the legendary “Railway Club”.

USER has written and produced over 200 original songs.

USER Rock and Pop Music for Vancouver Music

USER from Army of Peace at Segev LLP

USER is the singer-songwriter for the “Army of Peace”, a world-beat band with a timely message, “We make music, not war”! His latest album is “Above the Hills Beyond Our Horizon” with songs turned into NFTs with collaborating visual artists in 2022.

USER performed live with the Army of Peace band at The Art Party NFT Show & Talk With Hussein Hallak.

USER from Blue Rhapsody for Jazz is a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are crucial for local businesses, as they leverage their own audience to advertise a company or its specific products. In today’s digital marketing landscape, brand ambassadors play a key role in representing a company and promoting its offerings through both online and offline channels. They contribute to creating a positive brand image, enhancing brand awareness, and increasing sales.

Key Advantages of Brand Ambassadors:

  • Boosting brand visibility: Brand ambassadors effectively disseminate information about a company’s products or services by sharing content and engaging in discussions, reaching new potential customers.
  • Establishing trust and credibility: As respected influencers in their networks, brand ambassadors can provide genuine endorsements for a brand, making it more attractive to their audience.
  • Stimulating sales: With personalized recommendations and promotions, brand ambassadors can help drive sales for a company.

USER at Bring Back BC Bands at Burnout Cafe with Bitcoin Busking

As Director of The Art Party, USER collaborated with Burnout Cafe, a new establishment in East Van for “Bring Back BC Bands at Burnout Cafe with Bitcoin Busking”, which attracted over 100 guests on January 14, 2023. The owner of the Burnout Cafe is The Narrow Group – the same folks behind Key Party, Mitra Canteen, Uncle Abe’s, Slim’s BBQ, and City Centre Artist Lodge with 79 artist studios.

Getting music gigs is essential to success as a rock and roll musician. While there are many ways to get rock and roll gigs, not all methods are equally effective. Some ways may work better than others, depending on your experience level, location, and music genre. Here are some actionable tips to get booked for more gigs as a rock and roll musician and build your music career. Here’s how USER got the gig at Burnout Cafe:

Create an online rock and roll music portfolio

Creating an online portfolio of your rock and roll music is one of the most important activities you can do as a musician. Your online music portfolio should showcase your skills and experience and leave a lasting impression on the viewer and listener. 

Include samples of your music, photos, videos of you performing live, and any press or media coverage you have received. If you don’t have much experience, create a demo to showcase your music. You can also include testimonials from previous clients or fans to give potential clients an idea of working with you.

Network in the music industry

Networking is critical for your success in the rock and roll music industry. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll have to get booked for gigs. Attend rock and roll music events and festivals, and connect with other musicians. Follow or add them on social media and engage with their posts. You never know who in your network can help you get a gig. 

You can also join online communities and forums related to your genre of music. These communities can be great places to share your work and get feedback from other musicians. For example, search Music Facebook Groups for communities in your location and join them.

Find gigs on online platforms

Using online platforms is another way to get gigs as a music artist. There are several online platforms where you can find and apply for gigs. Popular ones for music gigs include GigSalad and The Bash. These gig platforms allow you to create a profile and showcase your work. Make sure your profile is complete and showcases your best work. You can also ask previous clients to leave reviews on your profile, which can help you get more gigs in the future.

Reach out directly to venues

Reaching out to venues is another way to get booked for rock and roll music gigs. Yelp is an online platform that can help you find these venues quickly and easily—just type in “live music” in the search bar. First, list venues in your area that hire live musicians. These can include restaurants, bars, pubs, or cafés. Next, research the types of events they host and see if your rock and roll music style fits. Then, reach out to them with your portfolio and express your interest in performing at their venue. Next, you must cold email and call the restaurant, bar, pub, or cafe directly. You never know if the venue is already looking for live rock and roll music. You can also attend events at these venues and introduce yourself to the staff.

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