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The Art Party is an Artist Collective for Digital Art + Music NFTs on MP4s. We offer live streaming for local musicians and artists, as well as services to setup MP4s as NFTs. The Art Party is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run, and started as a Facebook Group in July 2010. The Art Party is a collective made up of music artists, DJs, visual artists, volunteers, and supporters. We incorporated as a BC non-profit society in late 2019 as The Art Party Community Services Society. The Art Party is refocusing in 2022 with a roadmap as an Artist Collective for Digital Art + Music NFTs on MP4s.

USER – NFT Artist & Music Management

USER is a sound creator from Vancouver, Canada who has been releasing albums independently since the 90s. He is now also producing NFT art and NFT music, along with live streams.

With lockdowns in the 2020s due to a COVID pandemic and being a night owl, USER continues to pen more tunes than ever, but the vaults are still full of unfinished works. The clock is always ticking and USER in lockdown fever came as a blessing as more unreleased music was released upon the world.

“The Rise of the Technocrats” will be the next album for USER, compiled of previously unreleased and new material. As with the entire global community, we have seen the further alienation of humanity into a touchless non-individualistic culture dropped into a hive mind mentality. Expect a timeless collection of songs that hint at the glimpse of the unfolding Technocratic world through the musical mind and ears of USER this Fall 2022.

Jared Drew Williams – Sales & Social Media Advisor

Jared Drew Williams has been in sales since at age 16 working with money transfer systems vendors for his grandfather. In 2003, Jared joined Impac Lending Group and was promoted several times in the wholesale mortgage banking industry, to achieving top producer in one year. He has launched experiential marketing projects with Smart Car Canada, TD Bank, and BC Liquor to business development consulting with Beethirst Craft Beer Importers, Curve Communications, Medidoc Physician Recruiting, Cruise Connections, and Jeff Myers, an independent insurance broker.

Jared owned a small online insurance start-up before joining as Chief Operations Officer at with a focus on new user growth, new client acquisition, and venture capital fundraising. He has built a social media network that spans over 8,000 contacts and is a Trip Adviser with over 11,000 points. As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, he is in the process of getting licensed to sell real estate in British Columbia, California, and Arizona.

Liza J. Lee – NFT Artist & Marketing Advisor

Liza J. Lee is an East Van artist with a BA in English from UBC. With her sharp skills in social media, Liza is acknowledged by well-known gallery dealer Diane Farris as a Vancouver pioneer of social networking in the arts (“Twitter/Art+Social Media” exhibition 2010). Her art community is the Pan Pacific Rim and world wide web! Liza’s vision is to facilitate art as a means for social change through alternative and crypto-currencies, starting with digital art in the Virtual Vancouver Metaverse in 2013 and then the Bitcoin Art Show at Coinfest 2014.

Liza is the marketing advisor for The Art Party, with 20 years of experience in financial services and technology, including Avanade. She is a Google Local Guide with over 17 million photo views in Vancouver, Canada since 2018 and has volunteered for Digital IMPACT Festival 2020 during COVID lockdowns. Her combined experiences led the way to explore and collaborate on The Art Party NFT roadmap.

Jessela Budiman – NFT & DAO Technical Advisor

Jessela Budiman is a technical advisor for The Art Party, with a passion for technology including NFTs. As a Web3 builder, she is also advising on the technology of DAOs.

Jessela started as an intern and is now an analyst, software engineer for Avanade. She was the winner of the Avanade Women in STEM Scholarship in September 2018. She is one of the first few recipients from the University of Washington, Bothell of the Avanade’s Women in STEM Scholarship. Avanade’s STEM Scholarship invests in the future of young women and offers internships, mentoring, and a support network to help recipients achieve their education and career growth. She was also the winner of the Bothell Study Abroad Ambassador Scholarship at the University of Washington in May 2018. This scholarship helps to offset the travel expenses required to participate in a study abroad program. Upon their return from study abroad, scholarship recipients are committed to promoting study abroad opportunities in the Bothell community.

Bob Garlick – NFT Artist & Marketing Advisor

Bob Garlick has over 30 years of experience working with magazine editors, agencies and writers. He has the background to develop and produce editorial style photographs that no other photographer can offer. Bob has been shooting all over the world for many years. His first camera was a Pentax K1000 film camera for a student exchange trip to Japan. He is now an expert on almost any format of camera and lighting system and continues to perfect his techniques even today. Bob is also an NFT artist.

Bob also runs Garlick Marketing, a strategy-based communication and IT company in the Vancouver area and also have a specialty design and photography company. He produces and hosts several podcasts and have hundreds of thousands downloaded from all over the world.

He helps businesses get more for their marketing budgets by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to traditional marketing and communications problems.

Sirena – DJ, Promoter & Multi-platform Artist

Sirena is a DJ, promoter, multi-platform artist, and dance-floor enthusiast based out of Vancouver, BC. She is creating original keyboard music for NFT music. Hailing from rural Alberta, she was introduced to music at an early age with classical piano instruction. Sirena’s first taste of underground culture came from the raw energy generated by the DIY punk scene in Edmonton, where she was exposed to acts involving analog electronics with live instruments. After relocating to Vancouver to pursue film, Sirena found like-minded people in the local underground rave scene.

Although her sound has evolved into more minimal territory, she still has the ability to draw upon multiple genres within one set, showcasing her many influences, ranging from soulful House, dubby, psychedelic Techno, to IDM and Breakbeat, often emphasizing bassy and percussive elements. Sirena’s aim is to create a time and space wherein everyone can dive freely into the depths of spirit, dancing as she would if on the other side of the booth.

Kertus Cramer – Coach & Group Moderator

Kertus Cramer is a life and business coach. He has co-created or consulted on mostly, but not limited to the following sectors: small to large electronics: cellular, computer. DJ & karaoke, software development, furniture business acquisitions to sales of small engine mechanics, franchise restaurants. tax management, gas stations, property acquisitions, maintenance, design, renovations, non-profit community centers, and art spaces. Kertus is a moderator of The Art Party Facebook Group with over 2,500 Creatives & Changemakers globally.

Kertus is also a DAO member of DCTRL–pronounced “decontrol”–the location is a radical, artist-run basement that has acted as the crucible for the majority of the city’s blockchain companies. Local hacktivists debate ideas in a central room; congregate in a small jam space with a free-for-use keyboard and rudimentary soundproofing; and sit quietly in a separate, disorderly area earmarked for coding, with walls covered with haphazard meme-related murals.

James Ray Daily – Artist & Musician

James Ray Daily aka J.R. Daily is a second-generation horse jockey with his two brothers. He is a Multiple Stakes Winning Jockey: 3,899 races from 1976 to 2021 with total winnings of $1,065,463 in his jockey career. His father, Jim Daily was a famous Canadian horse jockey with over 2,000 wins and rode for Jack Diamond horses.

J.R. has retired from horse racing and continues as a professional artist to draw and paint portraits of horses, cats, dogs, and people in water colour and coloured pencils on commissions. He also sells prints of some of his best works. You can find him at various art markets in Vancouver, Canada during spring, summer, and fall months and in Tampa Bay, Florida during winter months.

J.R. is also a talented musician, often jamming with other musicians in Vancouver and Tampa Bay. He also hosts the East Van Jam Band at The Brighton, other live music venues, and Twitch live stream.

Joy Case – NFT Artist & Blockchain Advisor

Joy Case is an author, speaker, and advisor in the blockchain space. Joy has over 15 years of experience as an educational leader in public schools and has taught K-12. She received a Masters of Education from the University of British Columbia (2002) and a Real Estate License from the Sauder School of Business (2005). As a real estate consultant, educator, and investment advisor since 2005, she has worked with clients across Canada and the US in commercial, development projects, residential, and private school real estate. She is on the board of Advisors of Blockchain companies to support the development of blockchain-based companies that are good for people and the planet.

Her project is EVAWorld, a metaverse featuring companies that utilize new world technologies such as AI, XR, MR, VR, AR, and highlighting crypto and gaming communities. is a membership-based application bridging the physical and digital worlds in a campus setting to host NFT auctions and NFT galleries.

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