Why Choose Our Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors & Music Talent

Thanks for Your Interest in Our Event Services

  • The Art Party has Brand Ambassadors and Music Talent, co-hosting over 40 events, making us a trusted partner for your venue.
  • The Art Party Facebook Page has over 1,600 local fans, and The Art Party Facebook Group has 2,800 members to promote events.
  • The Art Party is a Google Local Guide. We take photos for Google Maps to help drive more views for local venues in Vancouver.
  • Our photos have an astonishing 20+ million views on Google to drive traffic for local restaurants, bars, pubs, and art galleries.

Why Use Brand Ambassadors for Local Businesses?

Our Brand Ambassadors and Music Talent include USER® and Sirena, with international reach. They are experienced in hospitality, music entertainment, e-commerce, food, beverages, and live events with product demos and sample giveaways for brand activations.

Key Benefits of Our Brand Ambassadors:

  • Enhancing brand visibility: Our brand ambassadors can spread the word about a company’s offerings to reach new potential customers.
  • Building trust and credibility: As trusted influencers within their networks, our brand ambassadors can endorse your brand to their audiences.
  • Driving sales: Through personalized recommendations and promotions, brand ambassadors can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales and revenue.
  • Creating user-generated content: Our brand ambassadors can share their experiences with your brand’s products or services for local marketing promotions.
  • Strengthening customer loyalty: Our brand ambassadors help create loyal brand advocates who are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend your brand to others.

Listen To USER® Music For Rock, Pop, World Beat & Jazz Music

USER is a sound creator from Vancouver, Canada, releasing albums independently since the 90s and has been a registered trademark since 1996. He produces NFT art and music, along with live streams. He has written and produced over 200 original songs. “The Rise of the Technocrats” will be the next album for USER, compiled of previously unreleased and new material. As with the entire global community, we have seen the further alienation of humanity into a touchless non-individualistic culture dropped into a hive-mind mentality. Expect a timeless collection of songs that hint at a glimpse of the unfolding Technocratic world through the musical mind and ears of USER.

Experience House & Techno Music With DJ Sirena

Sirena is a DJ, promoter, multi-platform artist, and dance-floor enthusiast based out of Vancouver, BC. She is creating original keyboard music for NFT music. Hailing from rural Alberta, she was introduced to music at an early age with classical piano instruction. After relocating to Vancouver to pursue film, Sirena found like-minded people in the local underground rave scene. Sirena draws upon multiple genres within one set, showcasing her many influences, ranging from soulful House, dubby, and psychedelic Techno, to IDM and Breakbeat, often emphasizing bassy and percussive elements. Sirena’s aim is to create a time and space wherein everyone can dive freely into the depths of spirit, dancing as she would if on the other side of the booth.