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Liza J. Lee is an East Van artist with a BA in English from UBC. With her sharp skills in social media, Liza is acknowledged by well-known gallery dealer Diane Farris as a Vancouver pioneer of social networking in the arts (“Twitter/Art+Social Media” exhibition 2010). Her art community is the Pan Pacific Rim and world wide web! Liza’s vision is to facilitate art as a means for social change through alternative and crypto currencies, starting with digital art in the Virtual Vancouver Metaverse in 2013 and then the Bitcoin Art Show at Coinfest 2014.

Liza is the marketing advisor for The Art Party, with 20 years of experience in financial services and technology, including Avanade. She is a Google Local Guide with over 17 million photo views in Vancouver, Canada since 2018 and has volunteered for Digital IMPACT Festival 2020 during COVID lockdowns. Her combined experiences led the way to explore and collaborate on The Art Party NFT roadmap.

Tree of Life NFT Art & Music Collection MP4s (4 Items X 200 Limited Editions) 

Liza’s Feng Shui art squares began with her Tree of Life series in 1998. The Tree of Life is a sacred archetype in many of the world’s mythologies, religious, and philosophical traditions. It is physical and spiritual, connects all forms of creation, and originates in Africa, the birthplace of human civilization. 🌍

Nature continued to be her theme with her Craftivism Art at Diane Farris Gallery in Spring 2010. These “Earth Tiles” series in blue, green, and turquoise are similar to the brown volcanic “Luxury Art Tiles” called “Beyond Petroleum” in the “Craftivism Art Show” in the fall for Culture Days 2010. In 2016, Liza turned the Tree of Life series into giclee prints for the Eastside Art Salon owned by a local art collector.

Liza has been involved in art fundraisers since 2000, starting with still life paintings. When she heard about NFTs for good from the We Make Impact project with Rotary International to fundraise in Kenya for tree-planting to preserve biodiversity, she converted her Tree of Life series into NFTs.

NFT Project Timeline

Jan 2022: Start NFT artist collaborations

Feb 2022: Engage on Twitter and Discord

Mar 2022: Test drop NFTs on Opensea

April 2022: Co-host live streaming events

May/June 2022: Join an inclusive DAO

Summer 2022: Launch 50 music NFTs

NFT Art Utility 

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Tree of Life – Red NFT MP4

Tree of Life – Medium Blue NFT MP4

Tree of Life – Light Blue NFT MP4

Tree of Life – Dark Blue NFT MP4

Still Life 1 NFT MP4

Still Life 2 NFT MP4

The Art Party NFT MP4s Roadmap