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Launched Sep 2013, we were involved in virtual currencies and Bitcoin at Coinfest before we really knew its potential! LJL DECOR – luxury. joy. love. is a Vancouver online art gallery of carefully-curated, fine art, fine craft and commercial art for luxury tiny homes. The brand is a social commentary to the stratospheric prices of famous art auctioned off to the super rich: “When art is an object of luxury, it is merely decor.” Fine art or craft is a relatively stable and long-term investment that appreciates:

Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2013 (PDF) 

LJL DECOR is one of Virtual Vancouver’s first 3D Virtual Galleries on the Curio, 3D browser with Utherverse’s Virtual World Web software for immersive and 3D environments. Supported on both PC and MAC, the graphics are photo-realistic for original art. Read more about this pilot project:

3D Virtual Reality Art Gallery Launch

In 2020, The Art Party is collaborating with IMPACT Festival and small businesses for virtual charity festivals July 16 to 20 and September 5 weekend. These will involve 3D Virtual World, Twitch TV and Zoom!

Workshops will include breakout rooms on Zoom with workshops, such as yoga, Kirtan, healing, live art demos, vegan cooking shows and more! For our healthy recipes cooking shows on Zoom, we’re looking for and showcasing easy vegan recipes or vegetarian recipes. Our community of changemakers at IMPACT Festival embrace a more plant-based diet, whether vegan meals or vegetarian meals. 🌿

The Art Party is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run, and would appreciate your support for the price of a cup of coffee. There’s no fee for a donation.

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