Tiny Concerts from The Art Party 2023

Tiny Concerts from The Art Party Vancouver

Support Local Art & Music To “Bring Back BC Bands”

The Art Party Tiny Concerts in Vancouver, Canada 

The Art Party local musicians and local artists collaborate on live music and digital art projections live streaming at an East Van studio for “Tiny Studio Concerts”. This studio has all the music, live streaming, and art projection equipment needed for a live tiny studio concert, including lighting, a sound system, recorders, projectors, laptops, software, a drum kit, congas, keyboards, a piano, guitars, a bass guitar, and more! Our concept is based on Tiny Desk Concerts”, a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR Music with more than 800 concerts viewed 2 billion times on YouTube.

Local musicians and artists have not been able to perform and exhibit at live events much since the first COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020. Numerous venues in East Vancouver are no longer in business or no longer booking live music and art events. This has impacted the local musicians and local artists in East Vancouver from making an income with their talent.

For more details about The Art Party Tiny Concerts, see the event page.

Promotion is Crucial for Tiny Concerts

The Art Party uses traditional and digital marketing techniques to promote our events to reach the target audience. This promotion includes creating print materials such as flyers and posters, using social media, and email campaigns. In addition, we contact local media outlets to get the word out about our live music events and used collaborations with other organizations and individuals with a social media following.

Many bands use Facebook Events to invite their friends to attend their live music gigs. However, Facebook has a 500 limit on total invitations per event per account. By including other organizers, this collaboration reduces the risk of a low turnout.

We also promote Facebook Events throughout Facebook and other social media platforms, such as Twitter.com/TheArtPartyorg. We ask our Twitter followers to retweet our messages and include a hyperlink to our Facebook Event. We also promote our events via email too with an RSVP email address and a link to the Facebook Event URL in the email message.

On our Facebook Events, we post regular updates to keep registrants informed about the event. We also share details about the event: date, time, and location. Before the event, we asked those registered to share their experiences with photos, videos, or stories. We may also ask our attendees questions. Then answer their questions and provide additional information to help them make the most of the event.

On the day of the event, to ensure everything runs smoothly, we set up a check-in table, provide snacks and drinks, and have staff and volunteers on hand to help. Create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for guests by providing ample seating, food and beverage options, and a host or emcee who is both engaging and interactive. Stage decorations can also help create a memorable experience. Finally, provide a secure payment system for ticket sales and band merchandise.

The Art Party presents Sirena with Army of Peace, produced by USER at USER Media – January 1, 2023 (37 minutes)

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay with singer USER and Liquid Blue band at Brownsville Pub

Seven Nation Army with singer USER and Liquid Blue band at Brownsville Pub

Live Streaming Blue Rhapsody Fundraiser for Ukraine with Copyright Music © Video (4:08 Minutes)

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